The first button- which takes you to the proposal, is similar to the one each member received when the board passed acceptance of the proposal from Spectrum.  The highlights are:

  • Spectrum TV Bronze level, which includes the channels under “TV Select” and also includes the package of channels known as: Digi Tier 1
  • 2 Spectrum HD receivers
  • Spectrum Internet, including in home Wi-Fi equipment consisting of a modem and router.

The second button is a link to what we have found on the Internet relating to what channels are included in our particular agreement.  There are some changes from time to time, and some extra channels which appear in the lineup, which are not included unless you pay for an upgrade.  Since channels change frequently, please do not consider this as a permanent guide, only as a relative reference to the included program material proposed to the Association.  This initial listing of channels can also be download and printed as a handy reference.